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How We Chose the Best Wood For Smoking Chicken

Are you looking for the best wood for smoking chicken, but feeling overwhelmed by all the different products on the market?

You don't want to spend unnecessary time researching or wasting your money on a product that doesn't work. It can be hard to know which one is right for you.

Don’t worry - our expert reviewers have done all the hard work and spent their time reviewing the best products for your needs! This article is here to help make finding what you need easy and stress-free. So sit back, relax, and let us do all of the research so you don’t have to!

Our top 5 picks for the best wood for smoking chicken are: Apple, Cherry, Maple, Pecan, and Oak. We will start out focusing on these first 5 flavors and we have a couple of surprises after that will really get your mouth watering!

Best Apple Wood For Smoking Chicken

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Why We Picked It

Weber Apple Wood Chunks are the perfect way to add subtle sweet flavor to your next barbeque.

These chunks come in a convenient four pound bag, and each chunk is just the right size for adding that extra bit of deliciousness.

Your BBQ will be taken up a notch when you season it with these delectable wood chunks!

What You Should Know

Weber Apple Wood Chunks are a great choice for adding a smoky and sweet flavor to chicken dishes.

Apple wood produces an unmistakable aroma while cooking, filling the air with its mild, sweet, fruity flavor that perfectly complement the natural flavors of chicken.

Due to its mild flavor, it won't overpower the bird's natural taste but adds just enough nuance to make it stand out from other dishes.

Best Cherry Wood For Smoking Chicken

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Why We Picked It

Weber Cherry Chunks are the perfect choice to add a subtle hint of fruity flavour to your food.

Whether you're smoking chicken, fish, turkey, or pork these cherry wood chunks will provide something special and unique to your meal.

With everyone at home seeking out new ways to spice up their dishes, why not give Weber Cherry Chunks a try? They are sure to delight your taste buds!

What You Should Know

Weber Cherry Chunks are perfect for smoking meats, especially chicken.

The cherry wood produces a mild to medium sweet flavor that is slightly fruity and pairs well with oak wood.

When smoking chicken, the cherry wood adds complexity to the flavor, creating a unique and delicious taste.

This sweetness pairs particularly well with the smokiness of the oak wood, bringing out the best in both woods.

The subtle hint of fruitiness lends an extra dimension to the overall flavor profile and makes your meal even more enjoyable.

By combining cherry and oak together, you can create an amazing smoked dish that will tantalize your taste buds and leave you wanting more.

Why We Picked It

Camerons Products Smoking Wood Chunks offer the perfect way to make your food taste amazing.

Their kiln-dried maple chunks come in a 5 pound package and provide 420 cubic inches of high-quality wood for smoking meat, fish, poultry, and vegetables.

The raw timber is precision cut so it ignites quickly and combusts completely for a delicate smoky flavor that will bring out the best natural flavors of your favorite recipes.

Whether you use this with gas grills, charcoal grills or smoker boxes, Camerons Products Smoking Wood Chunks promise great results every time!

What You Should Know

Camerons Products Maple Wood Chunks provide an incomparable flavor to your food when you cook with it.

The rich, sweet flavor of the Maple wood is perfect for enhancing poultry and small game birds.

Not only will you find the aroma of the wood delightful, but its unique taste gives any BBQ master a truly unique experience.

The chunks themselves are kiln dried to bring out their natural flavors, and they come in large cut chips to make cooking easier.

Best Pecan Wood For Smoking Chicken

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Why We Picked It

Weber Pecan Wood Chunks are an excellent choice of wood for smoking meats.

The chunks provide a rich and sweet flavor that complements a wide range of foods, from fish to port to poultry, lamb and beef.

With the natural sweetness and smoky flavor of these pecan wood chips you will be sure to add great depth of flavors for your food creations.

Weber Pecan Wood Chips are ideal for adding delicious smokey aromas in your BBQs, roasting pans or smokers.

Give your meals that unique taste with Weber's Pecan Wood Chunks!

What You Should Know

Weber Pecan Wood Chunks are a great way to add sweet and nutty flavor to your cooking.

Perfect for poultry, this wood also has the strength to stand up to beef, pork, and game meats.

Pecan wood is similar to hickory wood but has a more peppery aroma while still not being as strong.

With its mild, but sweet taste, it enhances the flavour of pulled chicken or brisket in an incomparable way.

Moreover, pecan wood smoke can be used for long-term smoking processes due to its ability to resist burning out quickly.

This makes it ideal for smoking fish, pork shoulder, ribs etc.. that require longer smoking time.

Why We Picked It

Meet Camerons Products Smoking Wood Chunks - the perfect choice for all your barbecuing needs!

Perfectly kiln dried, these coarse cut chunks ignite quickly and combust completely to create a delicate smoky flavor that pairs well with poultry, beef, pork, lamb or game.

These wood chunks comfortably work with gas grills, charcoal grills or smoker boxes so you can effortlessly enjoy your delicious meals without fail!

What You Should Know

Camerons Products Oak Wood Chunks are kiln dried to ensure maximum flavor and consistency.

The large cut chips offer a medium smoky flavor that is stronger than apple and cherry but lighter than hickory and mesquite – allowing you the flexibility to adjust your cooking to the desired level of smokiness.

They are perfect for smoking chicken, as the medium smoke profile complements the natural flavors of the bird while adding a delicious smoky finish to your dish.

Additionally, they can be blended with other woods such as apple, cherry or hickory to create more complex flavor profiles.

Best Wood Chip Variety Pack For Smoking Chicken

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Why We Picked It

Discover the delicious taste of smoky grilled meats and vegetables with WESTERN BBQ Smoking Chips!

This 4-pack includes the main fruit woods, Apple, Cherry, and Peach, along with Maple wood chips to suit any grilling occasion.

Use each flavor separately for distinct tastes or mix them together to create an original blend that's all your own.

Whether you're throwing a cookout for family or friends, or just enjoying a quiet night in with good food – the possibilities are endless with these smoking chips!

What You Should Know

WESTERN BBQ Smoking Chips offer an easy and convenient way to turn your outdoor grilling into a flavor-packed barbecue experience.

These chips are used with either charcoal or gas grills, or electric smokers - providing a versatile solution for all kinds of cookouts.

Each set includes a reusable smoker tray, so you can keep your charcoal grill clean while still enjoying the smoky flavor of your favorite cuts of meat.

The chips are made in the USA from 100% natural raw wood, making them an eco-friendly choice for backyard barbecues.

The smoky flavor will give your plate an extra kick that'll have everyone coming back for seconds.

Additionally, these chips provide a much more consistent smoke than other types of wood chips and sawdust, so you won't experience any unpleasant surprises when it comes to taste or smell.

So if you're looking for an easy way to take your grilling game up a notch, these WESTERN BBQ Smoking Chips are just what you need!

Why We Picked It

Fire up the grill with BBQr's Delight Wood Smoking Pellets - Super Smoker Specialty Value Pack!

This variety pack offers you 6 unique flavors: Apple, Sugar Maple, Savory Herb, Orange, Black Walnut and Jack Daniel's.

No matter what type of outdoor grill you have - be it Gas, Charcoal, Electric or Smoker - with a smoke tube this set of pellets will help you create deliciously smoked dishes in no time.

Don't forget that these pellets are proudly made in America!

What You Should Know

This Super Smoker Specialty Value Pack includes 1 pound bags of each of the tantalizing flavors: Apple, Sugar Maple, Savory Herb, Orange, Black Walnut, and Jack Daniel's.

These pellets are incredibly easy to use - no soaking is necessary and only 1/3 cup per use is needed. Each bag provides 10 uses, allowing you to make a variety of delectable dishes.

Best Wood For Smoking Chicken FAQ’s

Are you looking for the best wood to smoke chicken but don't know where to start?

With so many options out there, it can be hard to decide which type of wood is best and how much you need. You may also have questions about what types of woods are safe or if certain woods will give your chicken a better flavor.

Don't worry! We've got all the answers for you in our Best Wood For Smoking Chicken FAQs. Our list has all the information you need to make an informed decision and get the most delicious smoked chicken possible!

What is the best part of chicken to smoke?

Smoking chicken is a great way to add flavor and texture to the poultry.

The best part of the chicken to smoke is likely going to depend on personal taste, however some key pieces for smoking are the legs and wings. 

The leg quarters are always an excellent choice when it comes to smoked chicken. As the meatiest part of the bird, legs tend to hold up well during long smoke sessions without drying out too quickly.

Chicken wings can also be used for smoking since they’re full of dark meat that becomes incredibly tender with low-and-slow cooking over indirect heat.

While white meats can become dry while smoking, legs and wings both offer very good results when cooked properly in a smoker or BBQ grill.

Smoking these parts helps lock in moisture while adding smoky flavor that traditional methods often lack.

For many people looking for smoked poultry perfection, no other technique can deliver like a good slow-smoked chicken!

Is it better to smoke chicken fast or slow?

The answer to this question depends on the type of chicken being smoked, as different types of chicken may require different levels and rates of smoking.

Generally speaking, though, it is generally better to smoke chicken slowly over an extended period of time at a low temperature in order to develop the best flavor and ensure proper cooking.

This allows more time for smoke flavor and seasoning to penetrate into the meat and produces a juicier result in the end.

Conversely, if one were to quickly smoke chicken at higher temperatures for shorter durations then it would taste burnt or overly smoky instead.

Ultimately, experimenting with both fast and slow smoking methods can help determine which works best for each particular type of chicken.

How do you keep chicken moist when smoking?

Smoking chicken is a great way to get that classic smoky flavor while still keeping the meat juicy and moist.

The key to maintaining moisture while smoking your chicken is all about controlling the temperature of your smoker. 

By cooking the chicken at a low temperature (around 225°F) for an extended period of time, you ensure that the meat maintains its natural juices throughout.

In addition to controlling the heat, using an appropriate rub or marinade can help add extra flavor and moisture when smoking your chicken.

A good rule of thumb is to apply your rub or marinade an hour before cooking in order for it to seep into the skin and provide a layer of protection from drying out during cooking.

Lastly, make sure you don’t overcook it by checking regularly with a thermometer; take it off once it reaches 165°F internally.

Doing these things will keep your smoked chicken moist and flavorful every time!

Why is my smoked chicken tough?

Smoked chicken can be tough due to a couple of reasons. One possibility is that it was not cooked at the right temperature for a long enough time.

Low and slow cooking is essential when smoking meats, as the lower heat will allow for more even cooking and tenderness.

If your smoked chicken was cooked at too high of a temperature or for too short of a period of time, it could result in dryness or toughness.

Another possible reason your smoked chicken might be tough is that it's been over-smoked. Smoking meat requires balance – too much smoke can make meat bitter tasting while also leaving behind an unpleasant smoky flavor.

If you've used too much smoke, your smoked chicken could end up being quite tough instead of juicy and flavorful!

To get the best results, keep an eye on your smoker throughout the entire cooking process to ensure adequate smoke levels are maintained but not overused.

What is the danger zone when smoking chicken?

The danger zone when smoking chicken is the temperature range between 40 and 140°F (4.5 and 60°C), where bacteria can quickly multiply.

This means that if a food is left in this temperature range for more than 2 hours, it can become unsafe to eat as harmful bacteria may have grown enough to cause food poisoning.

To ensure safe consumption of smoked chicken, meat thermometers should be used to guarantee the internal temperature of the bird reaches an adequate temperature of at least 165°F (74°C).

Adding wood chips for additional flavor during the smoking process should only be done during the initial part of preparation; adding them after this time period could increase cooking times and risk leaving meat in the danger zone for too long.

Additionally, smokers should keep an eye on both indoor/outdoor temperatures while smoking so they don’t risk leaving their meal in a potentially dangerous environment for too long.

What temperature do you smoke a chicken too?

Smoking a chicken at the right temperature is essential to achieve good results. A typical smoking temperature for poultry is between 225°F and 250°F (107°C and 121°C).

The exact temperature will depend on the type of smoker you are using, as different smokers can reach different temperatures.

You should aim to keep the cooking chamber temperature around 220-230 °F or 104-110 °C for approximately 2 hours, with 30 minutes of smoke in the beginning of each hour.

It is important to monitor your smoker's internal thermometer during smoking as temperatures may vary within different regions of your grill or smoke box.

Additionally, it’s always recommended that you use a digital thermometer probe in order to get more accurate readings.

At this kind of low ‘cooking’ heat, the meat won’t overcook and it will be cooked through without losing its natural moisture.

When done correctly, smoking adds flavor while keeping your chicken moist & juicy - perfect for any occasion! Enjoy!

Should I flip my chicken when smoking?

Yes, you should flip your chicken when smoking. Flipping the chicken during the cooking process helps ensure that both sides of the meat are exposed to heat for an even cook.

This can prevent foodborne illnesses since raw poultry needs to be cooked thoroughly to kill any bacteria or viruses present in it.

Additionally, flipping your chicken will help keep it from drying out and becoming too charred on one side by exposing each side of the meat directly to indirect heat from the smoker.

Making sure that you flip your chicken regularly while smoking is an essential step in achieving a delicious meal!

Furthermore, flipping your smoked poultry every so often helps with getting an even crispness on both sides of your bird. It's important not to forget this step if you want a crispy crust all around!

The crunchy texture comes from browning and caramelization which can only be achieved with direct contact between the hot grill surface and protein—which flipping facilitates.

With proper flipping techniques, you can achieve great results and have a tasty dish everyone will love!

How do you know when smoked chicken is done?

Smoked chicken is done when it reaches an internal temperature of 165°F. The best way to check the internal temperature of the chicken is with a digital food thermometer.

To make sure your smoked chicken is safe to eat, insert the thermometer into the thickest part of the breast or thigh, taking care not to touch any bones in order to get an accurate reading.

Once you've taken a reading, make sure it measures at least 165°F or higher.

You can also tell when your smoked chicken is done by checking its color and texture—it should be golden brown and have a slightly firm but juicy feel when you press down on it with tongs or a fork.

If needed, give your smoked chicken another few minutes over indirect heat before testing again for doneness.

How do I make my chicken taste more smoked?

Making chicken with a smoky flavor is relatively easy. The key is to start with the right ingredients and techniques.

The first step is to use smoked paprika, which adds an intense smoky flavor to your dish. This can be found in many supermarkets and gourmet food stores, or you can make your own by smoking dried chili peppers over a wood fire.

Another important ingredient when making smoked chicken is liquid smoke, which provides additional depth of flavor. You can also add other flavors such as garlic or herbs for added complexity.

When it comes time to cook your chicken, you’ll want to use low heat for maximum smoke penetration into the meat. Try using indirect heat on a grill or smoker if possible, as this will give you more control over how long the chicken cooks and how much smoke flavor it absorbs.

Additionally, adding chips of hardwood (such as hickory) or soaked chunks of charred wood directly onto the warm coals will provide even more smokiness to your dish in addition to any liquids you may have used during preparation.

Finally, don’t forget that slow cooking helps bring out all of those delicious smoky flavors!

How long should you smoke a chicken?

The amount of time you should smoke a chicken will depend on the size and cut of the bird, as well as how hot your smoker is. 

Generally speaking, smoking chickens can take anywhere from 2-4 hours depending on these variables.

If you have a large or whole chicken, it will take closer to 4 hours to reach an internal temperature of 165°F or higher.

This ensures that your chicken has reached a safe temperature and is cooked through completely.

Smaller pieces like wings or breasts may be done in as little as two hours (again depending on smoker temperature).

Make sure to use a food thermometer mid-way through cooking to check for doneness!

Should I put oil on chicken before smoking?

It depends on the type of chicken and the preparation method. In some cases, such as with a dry rub, oil is not necessary. However, there are times when adding oil to chicken before smoking can add flavor and keep it from drying out.

If you're planning to use a marinade for your smoked chicken, adding some oil helps increase absorption into the meat.

Oils like olive or avocado contain monounsaturated fats which help keep moisture in during cooking so that your finished product stays tender and juicy.

Additionally, they create a golden brown outer layer that will give you an even tastier smoked chicken dish!

Ultimately, it just comes down to what kind of results you want and how much time you have available for prepping your meat before smoking.

Do you spray chicken when smoking?

Yes, you should spray your chicken with a liquid when smoking. This is done for safety reasons to prevent the meat from drying out and becoming tough. 

Additionally, spraying with a liquid such as apple juice or cider can help to season the meat and give it flavor.

Smoking chicken does take some time so it’s important to be patient and use your thermometer to make sure that the internal temperature of the bird reaches 165 degrees Fahrenheit prior to consuming it to avoid any health risks associated with eating undercooked poultry.

Properly smoking chicken will give you juicy and flavorful results every time!

Should you smoke chicken with water?

Smoking chicken with water can yield great results and make for a delicious finished product, however there are some things to consider before you decide whether or not it’s the right choice.

Water smoking can be an ideal cooking method for certain types of meats like pork and beef, but it is not typically recommended for poultry because it can create a spongy texture. 

Instead of using water when smoking chicken, dry rubs or marinades that contain spices such as garlic powder, paprika and chili pepper can help add flavor.

It’s also important to ensure that the temperature remains consistent in order to prevent bacteria growth – make sure your smoker reaches at least 165 degrees Fahrenheit in internal temperature before inserting your chicken.

With proper preparation, you should be able to enjoy delicious smoked chicken without the use of added moisture!

Can you smoke chicken low and slow?

Yes, you can smoke chicken low and slow. Smoking is a great way to add flavor to poultry while cooking it to perfection.

Low and slow smoking is a method that uses lower temperatures and longer cooking times in order to break down tough cuts of meat like chicken.

To do this, use indirect heat with an even distribution over your smoker’s surface by using charcoal or wood chips for fuel.

Maintain the temperature around 200F for about 1-2 hours per pound of chicken as well as any additional time needed to achieve the desired tenderness or desired internal temperature on a thermometer.

Cooking time will vary depending on the size of your bird so make sure you have plenty of time set aside before planning a meal!

The results from low and slow smoking will be juicy, flavourful pieces of succulent smoked poultry - definitely worth trying out!

Best Wood For Smoking Chicken For You

Smoking chicken can be a great way to add flavor and juiciness to any meal. While there are many woods that work well for smoking chicken, some of the best include apple, cherry, maple, pecan, and oak. Each type of wood has its own unique taste which you should experiment with until you find the one that works best for your recipes. With these tips in mind, you will soon have delicious smoked poultry dishes coming out of your smoker!

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