Are you looking for the best outdoor soundbar?

Outdoor soundbars are a great way to improve your audio experience when watching TV or listening to music outside. They can be used in conjunction with your existing home audio setup, on your ATV or golf cart, or as a standalone system.

There are a lot of different options on the market when it comes to outdoor soundbars, so it can be difficult to know which one is right for you. That's why we've put together this guide to the best outdoor soundbars available today.

Read on for our recommendations for the best outdoor soundbars!

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How We Chose the Best Outdoor Soundbar

You're looking for the best outdoor soundbar, but you're overwhelmed by all the different products on the market.

Do you really want to spend unnecessary time researching or wasting your time or money on the wrong product?

Let our expert reviewers do the hard work for you! In this article, we'll recommend the best products for your needs and tell you why they're worth your attention.

Best Outdoor Soundbar

Samsung is one of the best brands for audio visual stuff and now they make a weatherproof option for your outdoor entertaining.

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Why We Picked It

If you're looking for a great soundbar to take your outdoor entertainment to the next level, look no further than Samsung. This bad boy features optimized sound for outdoor listening, weather-resistant durability, and a built-in woofer for deep bass. Whether you're watching the game or just relaxing on your patio, this soundbar will give you an immersive audio experience that you won't soon forget.

Best Outdoor Soundbar

What You Should Know

The Samsung 5.1ch Terrace Soundbar is a great way to boost your audio experience. With distortion cancelling technology, you can reduce distortion before it happens, for deep bass and dynamic audio.

The soundbar also has Wi-Fi and Bluetooth streaming, so you can connect wirelessly to other devices and stream your music. Additionally, the soundbar has Adaptive Sound, which automatically delivers optimized sound based on each scene and lets you hear voices clearly at low volumes.

This soundbar is a great addition to any home entertainment system.

Best Budget Friendly Outdoor Soundbar For TV

50-Watt Furrion Aurora 2.0 Channel Outdoor Soundbar with Wireless Bluetooth and Wired Connections, IP45 Weatherproof Housing & Waterproof Remote Control - FSBNN3MR-BL

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Why We Picked It

The Furrion Aurora 2.0 Channel Outdoor Soundbar is perfect for enhancing your outdoor audio experience. With two full-range drivers and two tweeters, this soundbar provides powerful, dynamic sound that will make you feel like you're right in the middle of the action.

The weatherproof housing and waterproof remote control make it perfect for use in any environment, while the 50W power rating ensures crystal clear sound no matter what you're watching or listening to.

What You Should Know

The Furrion Aurora 2.0 Channel Outdoor Soundbar is designed with wireless connectivity using Bluetooth V4.2 to provide a clutter-free outdoor audio experience. Easily connect your smartphone, tablets, and other Bluetooth devices.

The Furrion Aurora Outdoor Soundbar provides convenient wireless connectivity with incredible sound quality. Also supports wired connections like RCA, Coaxial and 3.5mm Audio Input.

The Furrion Aurora Outdoor Soundbar is completely weatherproof with IP45 weatherproof housing that's resistant to snow, dust, and humidity. This soundbar is durable with its robust exterior that protects the internal components from the elements and extreme temperatures.

The Furrion Aurora Outdoor Soundbar comes with a 12-month warranty.

Best Outdoor Soundbar For Golf Cart

ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE26 Amplified Powersports Bluetooth 8 Speaker Soundbar Waterproof Sandproof with LED Lighting 500 Watts of Peak Power

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Why We Picked It

The ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE26 is a great way to amplify your music on the go. This 8-speaker soundbar is completely waterproof and dustproof, so you can take it with you wherever you go without worrying about damage.

With 500 watts of peak power, this bar will provide booming sound that will make any outdoor event or party even better. And if you need even more bass, ECOCAST compatibility allows you to pair up to 50 units together for an unbeatable listening experience.

Best Outdoor Soundbar For Golf Cart

What You Should Know

The ECOXGEAR SoundExtreme SE26 Amplified Powersports Bluetooth 8 Speaker Soundbar Waterproof Sandproof with LED Lighting 500 Watts of Peak Power is a great speaker for outdoor activities.

The integrated audio and light controls make it simple to operate, while the multi-color LED backlit speakers add a touch of fun. The ECOTALK compatible direct connect to Siri or OK Google is a great feature, and the built-in speakerphone allows you to take calls without having to stop what you're doing.

The Bluetooth V5.0 streaming capability lets you listen to your favorite music wirelessly from your Bluetooth enabled device.

Best Outdoor Soundbar For ATV

PowerBass XL-1200 Power Sports Bluetooth Sound Bar (XL-1200 with Clamps and Remote), Black

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Why We Picked It

Looking for a great way to amplify the sound of your powersports vehicle? Look no further than our 12 Speaker 500 Watt Amplified Bluetooth Powersports Soundbar!

This soundbar features 6" x 3.5" square poly cone woofers and 4" x 1” SD mylar tweeters, delivering an incredible sound experience. Plus, our advanced Bluetooth technology lets you stream music or audio from your mobile device with ease.

Installation is a breeze - simply attach the soundbar to your handlebars or roll bar and you're good to go! So don't miss out on this fantastic product - order today!

What You Should Know

Heavy-duty and watertight, the PowerBass XL-1200 Bluetooth sound bar is perfect for use on power sports vehicles. It comes with extruded aluminum housing and universal top or bottom mount clamp style brackets, making it easy to install.

A secondary dash mountable controller pad is also included, making it easy to control your music without taking your hands off the wheel.

Best Budget Friendly Outdoor Soundbar for ATV or Golf Cart

BOSS Audio Systems BRT26RGB ATV UTV Sound Bar System - 26 Inches Wide, IPX5 Rated Weatherproof, Bluetooth Audio, Amplified, 4 inch Speakers, 1 Inch Tweeters, USB Port, RGB Multicolor Illumination

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Why We Picked It

The Boss Audio BRT26RGB ATV UTV Sound Bar System is a great addition to any ride. The weatherproofing techniques utilized keep the sound bar working no matter what the weather decides to do, and with the IPX5 rating you don't have to worry about water or snow damaging it.

The four 4” speakers and two 1” soft dome tweeters are powered by a high-performance built-in A/B amplifier, so you can enjoy your music while you ride. The included wireless remote control also allows you to change the colors of the dome light, adding an extra bit of flair to your vehicle.

Best Budget Friendly Outdoor Soundbar for ATV or Golf Cart

What You Should Know

The BOSS Audio Systems BRT26RGB ATV UTV Sound Bar System is a great option for those looking for an outdoor audio solution. The system is IPX5 rated weatherproof, making it a great choice for use in all environments.

Additionally, the system features Bluetooth audio connectivity, allowing users to stream music from their devices easily. The sound bar also features 4 inch speakers and 1 inch tweeters, providing users with great sound quality. This best outdoor speaker is small and lightweight works in any outdoor setting.

Additionally, the system includes a USB port for charging devices, and RGB multicolor illumination for a custom look. The system comes with a 3-year Platinum Online Dealer Warranty, making it a great investment.

Best Outdoor Soundbar FAQ’s

You want the best sound quality for your outdoor activities, but you don't know where to start.

It can be confusing and frustrating trying to find the right outdoor soundbar with all of the different brands and options available.

We've done the hard work for you and created a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions about Best Outdoor Soundbars. This will help you make an informed decision so that you can enjoy your next outdoor activity to the fullest!

Can soundbars be used outdoors?

Yes, you can take your soundbar outdoors and drown out all the ambient sounds. If it's just a regular indoor soundbar, then you will want to protect it from the elements.

You can also use them to improve the audio quality when watching TV or movies outside. Just make sure you keep them protected from the elements - many soundbars come with weatherproofing features, so make sure to look for those when shopping.

What makes a sound bar better?

A sound bar is better when it has a stronger bass output, providing a more immersive audio experience. Additionally, look for sound bars that feature Dolby Digital or DTS decoding for surround sound. Many models also include HDMI inputs and outputs, which can be used to connect to other devices such as a TV or Blu-ray player.

A good sound bar should provide an immersive audio experience by producing deep and rich bass tones. Additionally, it is important that the sound bar features Dolby Digital or DTS decoding so that you can enjoy surround sound effects.

Most models also include HDMI inputs and outputs, which can be used to connect to other devices such as a TV or Blu-ray player.

How many watts should a good sound bar have?

Sound bars are designed to improve the sound quality of your television or projector by providing a more immersive audio experience. This is done by either increasing the volume of the TV or simulating surround sound.

There are a number of factors that you should take into consideration when purchasing a sound bar, including the size of your TV, the type of audio output available on your TV and your budget. For those of you that want the cheapest soundbar, the benqbot portable soundbar only has 10 Watts and can be found here.

Most sound bars provide between 30 and 500 watts of power, so it's important to decide how loud you want your sound bar to be before making a purchase.

Should soundbar be HDMI in or out?

When it comes to connecting a soundbar to your TV, the answer is: it depends.

If you’re using your soundbar as an external speaker system to boost the quality of your TV’s audio, then you would use the HDMI OUT port on your TV to connect the soundbar.

This way, all of the audio from your TV will be routed through the soundbar.

If you’re using your soundbar as a standalone system and not connected to a TV, then you would use the HDMI IN port on the soundbar to connect your devices (e.g. Blu-ray player, gaming console, etc.)

How do I protect my outdoor soundbar?

It is important to protect your outdoor soundbar from the elements to ensure that it continues to function properly and deliver high-quality sound. Some simple tips to protect your outdoor soundbar include:

-Covering your soundbar with a waterproof cover when it is not in use

-Keeping it in a sheltered area, such as under an awning or porch

-Making sure the area around it is clear of debris and other objects that could damage the soundbar

-Monitoring the weather conditions and taking appropriate precautions when severe weather is forecasted.

How loud does an outdoor speaker need to be?

Outdoor speakers need to be loud enough for people to hear them from a distance, without having to strain. The volume of the speaker will also depend on the size of the crowd and the environment in which it is being used.

Generally, outdoor speakers should be able to reach decibel levels of at least 85 if they are situated more than 50 feet away from the listeners.

Can outdoor speakers be left outside in winter?

Yes, outdoor speakers can be left outside in winter as long as they are properly sealed and weatherproofed. If they are not sealed or weatherproofed, then they may not function properly in cold weather. 

In addition, it is important to make sure that the outdoor speaker wires are also properly insulated so that they do not become damaged in the cold weather.

Where should you not put a soundbar?

When it comes to where to put your soundbar, the general rule of thumb is that you should place it as close to the TV as possible. However, there are a few exceptions to this rule. 

For example, if you have a lot of cabinets or other furniture between your TV and seating area, placing the soundbar on top of or in front of the TV may help improve sound quality.

Another place you should not put a soundbar is near any type of door. If people are walking in or out of the room while the soundbar is turned on, they may experience unwanted noise from the bar. 

Finally, if you have children or pets, be sure to keep them away from the bar – especially if it's one with sharp edges.

What speaker is good for outside?

There are a few things to consider when purchasing a speaker for outdoor use. The most important factor is durability – the speaker needs to be able to withstand the elements. 

Another important consideration is sound quality – you want your music or audio program to sound good, even outdoors. Finally, you'll also want to consider size and portability, especially if you plan on taking your speaker with you on camping trips or other outdoor adventures.

What makes an outdoor speaker?

Outdoor speakers are made to withstand the outdoor environment. They are typically made of weather-resistant materials like plastic or metal and have a sealed design that protects the internal components from moisture and dust.

Outdoor speakers also have a ruggedized construction that can withstand bumps and shocks. This makes them ideal for use in outdoor settings like parks, beaches, and pools.

Outdoor speakers typically use a different type of driver than indoor speakers. Indoor speaker drivers are designed to produce a lot of bass response, but this type of bass response can't be heard outdoors because it gets absorbed by the surrounding environment.

Outdoor speaker drivers are designed to produce more treble so that they will be audible over ambient noise. In addition, outdoor speakers usually have a greater power rating so they can be heard over distance.

Best Outdoor Soundbar For You

When it comes to choosing the best outdoor soundbar, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. The most important factor is that the soundbar can withstand the elements.

Make sure to read the product specifications carefully before making your purchase. You'll also want to consider how much space you have for the unit and whether you want a wired or wireless model.

With so many great options on the market, there's no reason not to upgrade your outdoor audio experience!

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