Bushcrafting is a great way to spend your spare time, and it can also be an incredibly useful skill in case of emergency.

It's important to be properly outfitted when doing bushcraft activities outdoors, but you may not have considered the importance of a good pair of bushcraft pants.

Bushcraft pants are designed for outdoor use and should fit comfortably while still being durable enough for harsh conditions.

They should also provide adequate protection from thorny bushes, insects, and other hazards that you may encounter in the wilderness.

Additionally, they should offer freedom of movement so that you can do tasks like climbing trees with ease.

There are many different types of bushcraft pants available on the market today. Some feature reinforced stitching and extra pockets for storage purposes while others are made from breathable materials designed to keep you cool even during strenuous activities. If you're looking for high-quality outdoor clothing at affordable prices, browse our list of favorites below!

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How We Chose The Best Bushcraft Pants

If you're looking for the best bushcraft pants, our team has put in a lot of time researching and testing different brands and models to find those that meet our high standards. We look for pants made from durable materials that are also comfortable to wear, with plenty of pockets for storing your gear. Additionally, we want them to be affordable so you can get the most bang for your buck.

We understand that everyone's needs are different, so we've included a range of options in terms of style and function. Whether you need something casual to wear around town or dedicated workwear perfect for roughing it in the woods, we're confident that you'll find something on our list worthy of your attention.

Why We Picked These

If you're looking for a pair of technical hunting pants, look no further. SITKA Gear's Mountain Pants are just that, a perfect blend of durability and versatility to suit even the worst conditions. They are designed with an articulated fit which offers complete mobility and allows for athletic movement.

The Mountain Pants feature two cargo pockets which close with quiet snaps so as not to spook game, along with two zippered hand pockets for quick access items such as your phone or knife. The waistband is lined with soft woven fabric to help prevent chaffing and discomfort from tight clothing against your skin.

There is also removable kneepads built-in to the Mountain Pant allowing extra protection when climbing or crawling through rough terrain. These pants have been tested time and time again on some of the most difficult terrains around the world by Sitka Gear's team of elite hunters, meaning they can handle anything you throw at them while still being super comfortable.

Why We Picked These

Cat Workwear is a subsidiary of Caterpillar, the heavy machinery manufacturer. So it's no surprise that these work pants are built to last, using 8.8oz C2X cotton-polyester canvas with reinforced sections in high-wear areas and reinforced stitching throughout.

The Cat Workwear Men's Cargo Pants have a front holster pocket and two secure cargo pockets on the thighs - perfect for clipping your tools into so you can easily reach them when on the ground working. There's also a rear tool pocket, cell phone pocket with secure closure, ruler pocket with carpenter loop and tool loop on right thigh to accommodate all your gear. These versatile cargo pants also allow for good movement thanks to articulated knees that make kneeling down easier.

There are belt loops at the front and back of these work pants as well as diamond gusset paneling at the crotch which allows for extra movement without stretching or tearing however large or small you may be. The only downside is that they're not waterproof but if you're looking for a pair of tough work pants that will easily withstand years of wear and tear then these could be worth checking out.

Why We Picked These

Carhartt is the standard issue work pant for lots of folks who like to get their hands dirty. These 100% cotton ripstop pants are tough enough to withstand the rigors of a hard day on the job site or wherever your outdoor adventures take you. These pants are available in up to a 36" inseam.

These relaxed-fit pants feature double front construction which makes them very durable, as well as Cordura(R) lined front and back pockets for extra protection. Each pocket has a flap with a snap closure and two large cargo style pockets with flaps also have snaps to keep things secure when you're working or hiking around.

The gusseted crotch adds comfort so these will be comfortable whether you're hammering nails or climbing trees. These pants give you all the advantages of tactical pants without sticking out of the crowd.

The Carhartt logo is stitched onto each leg in black, but it's not obvious unless you're looking for it. We found that these were true to size and should shrink only minimally if at all after washing according to the instructions on the label, so expect a practical pair of pants that look good too thanks to their neutral color palette and simple design features such as seven handy pockets.

Best Bushcraft Pants For Camo Lovers

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Rothco Vintage Paratrooper Fatigue Pants Vintage Military Cargo Pants Camo Cargo Pants

Why We Picked These

Rothco's Bushcraft Pants are perfect for working outside, hiking, or just enjoying the great outdoors. They are made with a durable cotton blend and feature reinforced seat and knees for years of reliable, rugged use. The adjustable waist tabs and drawstring ankle ties allow you to customize the fit of these pants so you can move around with ease. Plus, with eight pockets, you can easily store your everyday carry items and achieve that classic military look.

These Bushcraft Pants are designed with only the toughest, roughest users in mind. They are quality tested and ensured for maximum durability. The polyester/cotton blend ensures that these pants are comfortable and breathable, while also providing protection from the elements. The Vintage Camo pattern adds to the style of these pants, making them perfect for any outdoor adventure. So why wait? Get your Rothco Bushcraft Pants today!

Why We Picked These

The Anello Men's Softshell Pants are super comfortable and lightweight, making them ideal for bushcrafting. They're made from a polyester-spandex blend, with 92% of the fabric being polyester and 8% spandex.

The waistband on these pants is adjustable and features a belt, so they can be tightened to fit your specific shape.

The patchwork knees are strong and wear-resistant, while the multi zipper pockets keep your phone, keys or other personal belongings secure. These pants have a slim fit design that's perfect for hikers who want minimal bulk when moving around in the wilderness.

With a water-repellent finish that makes them suitable for wet weather conditions, as well as cold climates where snow would fall, these pants will help you brave all terrains with ease.

Bushcraft Pants FAQs

Bushcrafting is an outdoor activity that can be enjoyed by anyone, regardless of your skill level or experience.

However, it can be tough to figure out where to begin when learning about bushcrafting and all the different tools and pieces of gear you'll need.

Luckily, we've put together a list of the most Frequently Asked Questions related to bushcraft pants so that you can make an informed decision when purchasing this important piece of gear for your next adventure.

Do You Need Special Pants For Bushcrafting?

When we talk about outdoor clothing, there are two main factors to consider: protection and insulation.

Protection is essential for any time you're spending in the great outdoors (even if it's just walking through a city park), but it's especially important when you're bushcrafting or camping.

You need your pants to protect you from sharp sticks and even sharper branches as well as any scrapes or cuts on rocky terrain.

The best choice for this type of protection is heavy-duty pants made with tough materials like canvas or leather.

They should be able to withstand scraping along rough ground without getting excessively worn out, while still protecting your legs from anything pointy that might get kicked up in your path.

If you want to go with something a little lighter, sturdy nylon can also do the trick here. Just keep in mind that these will wear down more quickly than all-leather options do if they come into contact with sharp objects regularly.

When we talk about insulation, what matters most depends on where and when you plan on doing your bushcrafting activities – especially if they include overnight camping trips!

If you only plan on staying out for an afternoon, then waterproof pants (and waterproof boots) are generally going to be more important than wool ones unless it's wintertime or the weather gets unexpectedly cold during your excursion.

Should Bushcraft Pants Be Waterproof?

It depends on how you're going to use them. If you're doing activities like hiking and climbing, then a waterproof pant will be the best option. It will keep the water out while you walk through streams and splash in puddles.

But if you're intending to do more bushcraft-related tasks like chopping wood or foraging, then it makes more sense to get pants that are windproof but not waterproof.

You'll want pants that let your legs breathe so they don't overheat when performing these types of physical tasks.

Windproof fabric is often treated with a durable water repellent (DWR) coating to keep it from soaking up too much water, but this can wear off after repeated washings and exposure to sunlight.

A waterproof pant may be a better option if you're going on long hunting trips where foul weather is likely, as they'll protect your legs from snow and rain without stifling your circulation.

What Features Do You Want In Bushcraft Pants?

The primary purpose of bushcraft pants is to protect you from the elements, but there are other considerations too. For instance, do you want a pair of pants that can double as casual wear?

Do you need a pair of pants with extra pockets for your tools and other essentials? How about ruggedness; would you prefer a non-bulking material that will let your legs move freely?

There are also nylon options that offer excellent waterproofing yet still remain breathable. Then there's the question of design: some bushcraft pants feature large cargo pockets on the thighs, while others have more discreet side leg pockets. It all depends on what type of explorer you are. You may also see terms like flexion stretch woven technology, gore-tex, or durable waterproofing, but none of those features make a set of amazing bushcraft pants. A lot of them are just reasons to make a pair of pants more expensive.

What Are Good Bushcraft Pants Made Of?

The best pants for bushcraft and wilderness survival are made of water-resistant material.

Cotton is a good choice, but it can soak up water, so look for pants that have been treated with a water-repellent coating or fabric designed to keep you dry.

Nylon blends are also great choices because they offer the durability needed to withstand tough conditions while remaining lightweight.

Some pants are lined with wool which provides extra warmth on cold days in addition to being naturally odor resistant.

If you're looking for a more technical option, consider pants made of gortex or other waterproof materials and allow room in the thighs and lower legs so you can move easily through rough terrain.

What Pants Are Good For Bushcrafting?

When you're choosing the best pants for bushcrafting, you'll want to consider two things: material and design.

As far as material goes, cotton is going to be your best option. Cotton is breathable, it's comfortable, and it dries quickly – all of which are great features when you're out in wet conditions or even immersed in water.

Additionally, synthetic materials like nylon can be stiff and make movement more difficult; they also don't breathe very well and take a long time to dry. While 100% cotton may not hold up as well over time compared with other materials, its practicality outweighs any drawbacks in most situations where bushcrafting might occur.

Design is another important factor when choosing the best pants for bushcrafting; specifically, look for pants that have reinforced knee pads and seats where the rear pockets are. These areas tend to wear down faster than other parts of your pants due to the work involved in bending over/crawling through brush etc., so having additional durability here will help extend their lifespan overall.

Another thing that you might look for in your outdoor pants is multiple pockets to hold more gear. Since there isn't always enough room in hip pockets, most bushcrafters also prefer to have thigh pockets also known as cargo pockets. With all the gear that you want to carry, you may also want to look for survival pants with an elastic waistband.

What Makes Bushcraft Pants Different?

The first is their durability. These durable pants can be worn in almost any environment, they're made from tough materials that will help protect you from thorns and other sharp objects that might cause damage with regular pants on.

You can also find lightweight pants to wear during very hot weather. The lightweight nature of many bushcraft pants means they won't hold you back when hiking through difficult terrain or climbing a tree to spot game. Finally, bushcraft pants tend to have plenty of pockets so you can carry whatever gear and supplies you need for your activities away from home without having to lug around a bag.

Many come with expandable bellows pockets so even if your hands are full, it's easy enough to access whatever it is you're looking for inside your pant leg.

What Is The Difference Between Bushcraft And Survival?

Bushcraft and survival are often used interchangeably, but they actually refer to two distinct concepts.

Survival refers to the actions you need to take in order to stay alive when there is no reliable access to food, water, or shelter.

In a wilderness environment, it's considered essential that you know how to find clean water and nutritious food sources.

Additionally, it's important that you have the tools necessary for building a sturdy shelter so that you can avoid exposure in harsh conditions.

Bushcraft takes this idea one step further by focusing on how we can live off the land once we've secured our basic needs of safety and sustenance.

You may be surprised at just how much food grows all around us if we simply look hard enough!

As such, bushcraft involves learning valuable skills like trapping animals; wild edibles; fire starting; making tools from natural materials; finding safe water sources; tracking game via signs in the landscape; knot tying (to create fishing nets); and animal/plant medicine.

What Do You Do In Bushcraft?

Bushcraft is a popular term that encompasses multiple outdoor activities. These include tracking, fire-building, shelter-building, and the use of knives.

Bushcraft has its roots in the native cultures of North America and northern Europe. The focus is on learning survival skills through self-reliant exploration of wilderness areas.

Traditionally, bushcraft involves living off the land for short periods by hunting or foraging food and building simple shelters using natural materials found nearby.

Modern interpretations include long-term wilderness camping trips that emphasize primitive living conditions with little modern equipment or provisions brought along except water and emergency communications devices (e.g., cell phone).

What Are 5 Basic Survival Skills?

The most basic survival skills are the ones that allow us to meet our most basic needs: food, water, shelter, fire and self-defense.

These 5 skills form the foundation of any preparedness plan and should be at the top of your list when you're thinking about which courses to take or what hobbies to delve into.

While it's certainly possible (and sometimes necessary) to practice all five of these survival skills at once, it's also a good idea to focus on one or two specific areas so that you can perfect your skill set in those areas while still having some ability in others – just in case one area is compromised due to an emergency situation.

What Is The Point Of Bushcraft?

Bushcraft is a practical skill that can be used in real situations. You could use bushcraft to survive an emergency situation and avoid danger.

For example, you could build a shelter and find water using the skills taught in many courses. Bushcraft can also be used for hunting smaller game or for cooking food over open flames.

Bushcraft is similar to survival skills but it doesn't go so far as preparing for nuclear war or other apocalyptic scenarios.

Despite this, many people feel bushcraft can provide a better chance of survival than simply waiting for help because you are more prepared and able to act quickly when disaster strikes.

Best Bushcraft Pants For You

Bushcraft pants are designed to be tough, durable and functional. They should have reinforced knees and seat areas for extra strength, as well as pockets for storage of accessories such as knives or flashlights.

Additionally, they should come in a variety of colors and styles so you can find one that fits your preferences. Some bushcraft pants even have special features like breathable fabrics or moisture-wicking technology to keep you cool during outdoor activities.

With these benefits combined together in one pair of pants, it's easy to see why bushcraft pants make great choices for any adventure!

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